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I am pleased to announce an addition to the Florida Marine Research Institute's
coral web page.  The new page features a taxonomic list of the stony corals
(with pictures) observed by the Coral Reef / Hardbottom Monitoring Project in
the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  This U.S.E.P.A. funded monitoring
project has been in existence since 1994, and has collected over 12,000 stony
coral species records and has analyzed over one half million points during
image analysis from framegrabbed Hi-8 video.  This page is a digital version of
our Coral Identification Guide used for training and Quality Control purposes. 
Photographic credits go to the Principal Investigators - Dr. Phil Dustan from
University of Charleston, South Carolina, Dr. Jim Porter, University of
Georgia, and Walt Jaap, Florida Marine Research Institute.  The page can be
found at:

For more information about the Project, check out Phil Dustan's page at:

Hope you enjoy it!

Matt Patterson

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