Coral Reef Disease

Ryan Weichelt weicherd at
Sun Mar 28 18:35:24 EST 1999


    May name is Ryan Weichelt and I am an undergraduate doing research on
Coral Reef Disease.  I am attempting to compile a list of coral reef
diseases and then show the diffusion of these diseases on a map.  This map
will be of the diseases found off the waters of southern Florida,
specifically in Florida Bay.  I am having trouble finding information of
the diseases like Black Band, White Band, White Pox, etc.  I am have a
much more difficult time finding maps on were these diseases are found in
Florida Bay.  I have found only one map that showed were specific diseases
are found in regions around the Americas, but this is too general.  My
question for you is are there any maps out there that show exact locations
of the diseases in Florida Bay and could you send me any information on
these specific diseases?  I feel this map could be very helpful in
plotting the progression of these diseases and in the end attempting to
curb these specific diseases.  So any information that you could send to
me would be greatly appreciated, especially maps.  I understand you are
all very busy and again I thank you for your time and effort.  Any Answers
Would Be Great!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Ryan Weichelt (715) 830-8449 706 Broadway
Eau Claire, WI 54703

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