FAO guide problems

EricHugo at aol.com EricHugo at aol.com
Wed Mar 31 23:09:12 EST 1999

Dear list:

After the posting regarding the FAO publication, "Living Marine Resources of
the Western Central Pacific"   :  Vol 1 - Seaweeds, Coral, Gastropods,
Bivalves", I have attempted to purchase this volume.  I received word back
from an electronic order that the order is only sold as a two volume set,
despite being posted as single volumes with separate ISBN numbers, job orders,
etc.  Contacting the sales agents in the US led to a worse outcome, with the
UN bookstore not even showing the volumes in their system, and the Maryland
distributor quoting $240 for a single volume, unable to find the second
volume.  The Library of Congress does not have a record of the ISBN number at
all. I am curious if this volume actually exists, if it has been purchased
singly by anyone on the list, and from where.  Thanks so much.

Eric Borneman

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