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Karenne Tun karenne at
Fri May 7 23:52:16 EDT 1999

Hi Shafina (and anybody else interested). I'm Karenne Tun from the Tropical
Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore. Regarding the
query you had about coral transplant, I thought you'd be interested in the
following information.

During the Oceanology International 99 conference from 27-29 April in
Singapore, there was a paper presented by Dr Thomas Heegar from the
University of San Carlos on "Coral Farming as Alternative Livelihood, for
Sustainable Natural Resource Management and Coral Reef Rehabilitation". In
his presentation, he presented the methods they used to "grow" coral
fragments on limestone slabs. It's not really coral transplants per se, but
his results were very favourable.

Re: coral transplants, I do have some information too. There was an effort
to transplant corals in Singapore from a site earmarked for reclamation to
another site some years ago. We have written a paper about the transplant. 

At the moment, there is an FTP site being set up for TMSI, and I can scan
the papers and put store them on the FTP site for downloading. But that may
not be ready for a while, so if you need the information urgently, send me a
private e-mail with your snail mail info. and I'll send a set of relevant
papers to you.

Happy transplanting.





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