Thank you Les and Eric!

Harry McCarty McCarty_and_Peters at
Sat May 8 20:41:28 EDT 1999

Many thanks to Les and Eric for the injection of realism here.  The word
"disease" does get thrown around in the coral community somewhat
willy-nilly.  Given the difficulties that even the professionals have in
distinguishing true disease conditions in the wild, we need to be careful
with both our terminology and our rush to diagnose long distance.

This condition in Porites may indeed turn out to be a new disease, but it
will take much more than a spirited exchange on this list server to prove
that.  We look forward to continued open discussion here on the list, but
urge caution and observance of the traditional scientific methods related
to diseases, both coral and other.

Laurie, we'd like to hear more from you and possibly get both photos and
specimens for examination.  Until then, we'll file this all in the "That's
interesting" file.

Harry McCarty
The Coral Disease Page

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