Purple rings

Laurie Jeanne Raymundo ljr5 at cornell.edu
Mon May 10 09:53:18 EDT 1999

Hello, all:

Although I've responded to many of you personally, I would like to thank
everyone collectively for your input.  The whole coral disease topic is
obviously of great interest to many of us, and I totally agree that we need
to proceed cautiously and rigorously, and to err on the side of caution.
The feedback I have gotten from Les, Eric, Cindy, and Harry has been very
helpful and has actually tweaked my interest in investigating the
phenomenon I have seen on our reefs in the Philippines. It would be very
interesting to try to determine why some lesions heal and others get
colonized by algal tufts, as well as to find out if they actually start out
as fish bites, which seems to make sense.  Perhaps in the future, I will
contact you all again for some more ideas.  Meanwhile, I will try to take
some good pictures this summer.  Thanks, again.


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