Daytime spawning by Pocilloporids in Okinawa, Japan

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To add to Pauline-Fiene Severns observations on the spawning cycles of Pocilloporids at Molokini Crater, Hawai'i:  I saw three Pocilloporids (Pocillopora verrucosa?) releasing sperm about 1030-1100 on June 22, 1997 at Chiibishi reef.  It was the day after a full moon on 21 June 1997.  I was a guest of Prof. Rob van Woesik's class on a boat dive at Chiibishi Reef about 14 km west-northwest of Naha, Okinawa, approx 26 degrees 15 minutes N.  
    Most on the dive did not to get to see these significant events.  However, I was paired up with Akiyuki and it was he who astutely spotted the "smoking" scleractinians.  We noticed the first colony releasing sperm at 8 meters depth, and later in the dive two more colonies at 6.4 meters depth.  Water temperature was 26 C/78 F.  Low tide had been at 0736 and high tide was scheduled for 1421.

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