Galapagos and the Florida Keys

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Natural History and Interpretive Photo Workshops 

The following programs are currently open for enrollment.  Workshops and tours are led and organized by a nationally recognized naturalist and nature photographer and are sponsored by non-profit conservation and environmental research organizations.  Please consider offering these affordable educational natural history experiences to students, faculty, staff and anyone interested in seeing and learning about the natural wonders of Earth.

Workshops are principally field oriented and focus on the natural history, ecology, conservation, ethnobotany, archeology, geology, and culture of the region.  Naturalist guides are local experts.  Proceeds support conservation and environmental education projects.

Interpretive Photo Workshops allow aspiring nature photographers to accompany a professional photographer with credits that include the cover of Natural History to photograph nature in some of the most splendid natural areas on Earth.  Participants' photo work is critiqued before and after the workshop and participants continue corresponding with the tour leader to help them apply their photography in interpretive forums such as slide shows, local and regional publications.

Undergraduate credits are available through Johnson State College for attending and further study in related areas (environmental science, biology, photography).

Detailed itineraries are available at the web site indicated below.
The Galapagos Islands

Dates: October 4 - 17, 1999

Length: 13 days/14 nights

Cost: $2,230.00 per person

Host/Workshop Coordinator: Gustav W. Verderber 

Abstract:   The nature of the Galapagos Islands including the famous tortoises and marine iguanas will be our focus.  Also on the agenda are frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, penguins, finches, sea lions, giant cacti, and snorkeling over the coral gardens. During the second half of the trip we will visit the Jatun Sacha Field Research Facility at the headwaters of the Amazon River.  Guided and solo day and night hikes will take us deep into the Amazon rainforest.

The Subtropical Marine Ecology of the Florida Keys

Dates: March 5-11, 2000

Length: 6 days/5 nights

Cost: $459.00 per person

Host/Workshop Coordinator: Gustav W. Verderber in association with the Pigeon Key Foundation

Abstract: This natural history workshop will explore the coastal and shallow submarine ecosystems of the Florida Keys.  We will be based at the Pigeon Key marine education facility on the tropical paradise of Pigeon Key.  Barrier reef, mangrove, and terrestrial communities will be included as well as a snorkel trip to the outer reef.  This workshop is an ideal introduction to tropical ecosystems and marine biology. 

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