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Wed May 19 11:22:29 EDT 1999

   Dear Emiliano,

   Here are a few more references.  If you would like the abstracts,
   I would be pleased to send them to you.

   Wulff,J.L. (1986)  Variation in Clone Structure of Fragmenting Coral
   Reef Sponges. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 27 (4):

   Jokiel, P.L. Hildemann, W. H., Bigger, C.H. (1982)  Frequency of Inter
   Colony Graft Acceptance or Rejection as a Measure of Population
   Structure in the Sponge Callyspongia-Diffusa.  Marine Biology (Berlin)
   71 (2): 135-140

   Jokiel, P.L. Bigger, C.H. (1994) Aspects of Histocompatibility and
   Regeneration in the Solitary Reef Coral Fungia Scutaria.  Biological
   Bulletin (Woods Hole)  Vol. 186:  72-80

   Chadwick-Furman, N., Rinkevich, B.(1994) A Complex Allorecognition
   System in Reef-Building Coral:  Delayed Responses, Reversals and
   Nontransitive Hierarchies.  Coral Reefs, v.13:  57-63

   Hidaka, M. Sunagawa, S, Yurigi, K, Kinzie, R.A. III.(1993)
   Histocompatibility Between Young Colonies of the Coral Pocillopora
   Damicornis.  Zoological Science (Tokyo)  v.10: 85

   Hildemann, W. H. et al. (1977)  Immunological Specificity and Memory in
   a Scleractinian Coral.  Nature, 270 (5634):  219-223

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