Research Assistant Position in the Florida Keys

Chris Humphrey humphrey_j at
Mon May 24 13:09:38 EDT 1999

Title:		Research Assistant

Location:	Long Key, Florida

Salary/Term:	24,000-27,000 ; 12 month

Minimum Qualifications: B.S. degree or M.S. degree, 1-2 years experience
in field research, computer literate (MS-DOS- WIN 95/98), certified SCUBA
diver, experience with data management and environmental monitoring,
experience with water quality QA/QC procedures, small boat handling
skills, knowledge of electronics.

Please apply to:		Chris Humphrey
				Keys Marine Lab
				P.O. Box 968
				Long Key\ Layton, FL. 33001

Brief description of duties: Incumbent will assist in field and computer
work associated with the Florida Institute of Oceanography's SEAKEYS
program ( Sustained Ecological Research Related to the Management of the
Florida Keys Seascape ).  Duties would include maintaining underwater
sensors for SEAKEYS, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and the
Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory located on the
Florida Keys Reef tract and Florida Bay.  The incumbent would be
responsible for sensor maintenance and QA/QC procedures.  Duties would
also include truck and boat maintenance.

***** Must apply before June 18, 1999*******

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