Julian Sprung - Anemones

Mitch and Jena Carl mjcarl at probe.net
Tue May 25 16:19:30 EDT 1999

>In one of Julian Sprung's books, he mentioned that some species of anemone
>have self propagated by splitting into two.  Does anyone know or have any
>thoughts on what would cause an anemone to do this e.g. stress?

for some anemones this is the main form or reproduction.  i have had several
specimens of entamacea quadricolor in several different system reproduce
this way.  i have a color variant called the rose anemone that has split
over 10 times in the past two years.  unfortunately aiptaisia anemones also
reproduce by splitting or leaving pieces of their foot behind as they move.

>anyone know where I could look for information that refer to anemones
>spawning.  I am particle interested in the Heteractis magnifica species.

i cant remember but i think daphne fautins book has information on this.  i
think the book is called "clownfish and host anemones" or something like


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