Coral spawn cryopreservation

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Thu May 27 19:06:49 EDT 1999

Hi Paul,

Gregor Hodgson has done some early work on this - see his hybrid paper 1988
Coral conference in Townsville,


Peter>Hi all,
>I was curious to know whether anyone had attempted to cryogenically freeze
>then restore coral eggs and sperm. I know eggs & sperm from recently spawned
>corals have been sucessfully collected and grown out, but if they could be
>cryopreserved, then they could be stored in bulk and redeposited on the same
>reef if it was somehow destroyed. Obviously if the cause of any such die off
>would have to be rectified and I guess this is assuming that algae & borers
>don't destroy the underlying reef structure prior to any reseeding.
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