Tortugas 2000 Update

Ben Haskell Ben.Haskell at
Fri May 28 17:17:55 EDT 1999

Dear CMPAN and Coral listers-

Tortugas 2000 is a collaborative project to create an ecological reserve
(no-take) in the Tortugas region of the Florida Keys National Marine

A 25-member working group composed of a broad range of stakeholders and
agency representatives was tasked a year ago with coming up with a
recommended boundary alternative for NOAA and the State of Florida to

Last Saturday, May 22, the Working Group reached consensus on
recommending that a 186 square nautical mile area representing a range
of very high quality coral reef habitats be set aside for the benefit of
the ecosystem and present and future generations.  After 7 years of
acrimonious debate about the utility of marine reserves in the Florida
Keys, one of the most heavily used coral reef ecosystems in the world,
this consensus recommendation represents a milestone in Sanctuary

If you would like more details on this recommendation and the Tortugas
2000 project please visit our website at

Thank you,
Benjamin D. Haskell
Project Manager and Science Coordinator
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