Announcement about K-12 Fellowships

Dr. Bob Kinzie rkinzie at
Thu Nov 4 20:05:08 EST 1999

Here is an announcement for graduate fellowships for the EECB program at the
University of Hawaii

Bob Kinzie


> The Center for Conservation Research & Training (CCRT) at the University
> of Hawaii has been awarded an NSF Training Grant to provide Graduate
> Research Fellowships to students admitted into the Ecology, Evolution, and
> Conservation Biology (EECB) Graduate Program. .  In addition to a minimum
> stipend of approximately $14,000/annum, the Graduate Fellows who are
> awarded fellowships will be provided with a stipend and a small amount of
> funds that can be used to carry out their own research in completing their
> degree requirements.  The Graduate Fellows will also be required to spend
> a minimum of 15 hours per week as partners and mentors to K-12 teachers
> and assist in teaching biology (from the perspective of evolutionary and
> conservation biology) to K-12 students.  It is expected they will
> integrate their research into their activities with K-12 teachers and
> students as much as possible.  Inquiries regarding the GK-12 Fellowship
> program can be directed to Dr.Ken Kaneshiro, Director of CCRT (phone
> 808-956-6739, email kykanesh at; or to Dr. Sheila Conant, Chair
> of EECB (phone 808-956-8241; email conant at; or send email
> request to Rena Duhl (duhl at for information packet about the
> EECB Graduate Program.    website:

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