Looking for data on M. cavernosa growth

Marcos Soares Barbeitos msbb at acd.ufrj.br
Thu Nov 11 18:29:15 EST 1999

            Dear coral-listers,

            I've been working with Montastrea cavernosa in my master's
dissertation and I am having trouble in finding some
paper that reports growth rates for this species. There's lots of
reports for M. annularis, but I haven't found anything about cavernosa.
Does anybody have a tip? I would also like to know (this is even more
difficult) if there would be any paper that relates skeleton growth to
addition of new polyps to the colonies´ tissue. Sort of  "for each X cm
of skeleton growth, there's addition of Y new polyps to the tissue". I
would, of course, be interested in any species for which such
information is available. Thanks and best wishes.

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