translocation of Porites bommies

Michael Rosenfeld roz at
Tue Nov 16 04:47:54 EST 1999

Hi all,

Why would somebody move massive Porites colonies with diameters over 2
meters (probably over a 100 years old)? We feel that no scientific work can
justify risking such an old coral that survived for that long. Can't the
same goal be achieved by using smaller colonies, which are more abundant?

Michael Rosenfeld and Maoz Fine

>Hi everybody,
>I am trying to gather information about the possibility of translocating
>massive Porites colonies with diameters over 2 meters. I am not aware of
>any published material on this matter nor any attempts undertaken to
>translocate corals of this size. If anybody knows about groups that have
>translocated massive corals or can direct me towards published material,
>I would very much appreciate it if you could drop me a line
>(kirstenm at
>Kirsten Michalek-Wagner

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