Aiptasia ID?

Simon Dunn s.r.dunn at
Tue Nov 16 09:18:02 EST 1999

I would like to ask if anybody knows if there are defined morphological
characteristics that can be used to separate Aiptasia pallida from Aiptasia
pulchella. As I understand the discrimination at present, the geographical
region of origin separates the two species, ie/ A.pallida is from the
Caribbean and A. pulchella is Indo /Pacific. This does not really help in
identifying animals obtained through the aquarium trade, when the suppliers
are unsure of the original source. The length of tentacles against column
size, as with pigmentation, may be an artefact of the conditions the
anemones are maintained in , therefore, if anybody could help in this
matter it would be most appreciated, thank you.
Simon Dunn

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