translocation of Porites bommies

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In cases where there may be unavoidable impacts to such heads or in some
cases such as with ship groundings... large-massive coral heads have been
righted & moved and re-attached to the bottom using Portland cement... with
great success I might add.

Presently we are working on numerous - similar projects... please contact me
individually for details.

William F. Precht, P.G.
EcoSciences Program Manager

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Hello, all:

I have to say I agree with Michael Rosenfeld and Maoz Fine: what is the
point of risking what is bound to be extensive damage to very old massive
Porites colonies by moving them?  Why is this necessary and what is to be
accomplished?  Work by several folks have shown that massives that aren't
firmly attached to the substrate after transplantation do not reestablish
well.  I can't even imagine how one might go about positioning and
cementing such colonies.

Laurie Raymundo

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