translocation of Porites bommies

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Tue Nov 16 13:40:27 EST 1999

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<< Harbour construction, dreging etc might necessitate the need to move large
corals. The same was planned in Hawaii's Kawaihi area of the Big Island
when that harbour was enlarged.

In fact, that is the reason.  I hope Kristen will chime in here, but her 
co-worker mentioned to me today that funding is likely for a channel to a 
harbor area off Magnetic Island that goes through some large Porites bommies 
and that the idea to reroute the channel was not taken.  If I am not 
mistaken, I believe that there was a similar situation in Cozumel where large 
chunks of reef were relocated.  Was this done by carrying excised chunks 
under a barge, if I recall?  

Kristen, I sent a list of references to Michelle and they were returned for 
some reason.  If you read this, I will try again later.  

Eric Borneman

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