translocation of Porites bommies

John Naughton John.Naughton at
Tue Nov 16 20:30:51 EST 1999


If this is a new boat harbor with significant amounts of large Porites
bommies, I would consider recommending avoidance.  In otherwords, move the
harbor, or at a minimum realign the entrance channel or turning basin to
avoid these large colonies.

In Hawaii we've moved up to 15 tons of coral (including some substantial
bommies), but either at a harbor which was begun in the 1970s and never
completed (Kawaihae Harbor), or for maintenance dredging of corals which
have colonized older existing harbors (several sites in Kaneohe Bay).  Very
old, large colonies should be avoided whenever possible.

Aloha,        John

John Naughton
Honolulu, Hawaii

Kirsten Michalek-Wagner wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> first of all thanks to all of you that have responded to my question on
> how to possibly relocate Porites bommies. I feel there is the need to
> clarify the issue, however, because there is no intention to use the
> bommies for any experimental work. I am trying to assess the possibilty
> of moving them out of a boat harbour development (for which the permit
> is currently assessed) WITHOUT destroying such significant colonies.
> Cheers,
> Kirsten Michalek-Wagner

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