reef bombing

Les Kaufman lesk at
Mon Nov 22 09:11:51 EST 1999

Doug Fenner's comments obviously reflect the voice of reason, but we still
need a consistent policy of "no net loss" for coral reefs to local
disturbance, just as we (more or less) have for wetlands in the US.  The
military reserves that happen to include coral reefs are an irreplaceable
resource that it is now time to safeguard.  The military is already doing
quite a bit to this end.  The problem arises when military facilities are
decomissioned.  Who bears responsibility for problems that emerge after
final clean-up?  Shouldn't all coral reef areas under military stewardship
automatically become national wildlife refuges?  We're not talking about
that much area in total.  Where a native people is involved, they too must
be taken into consideration, for they are being denied the opportunities
for economic development that others take for granted, or for greed.

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