Vieques reefs

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Mon Nov 29 23:12:38 EST 1999

Although I am not a scientist (working on it) I find this discussion 
between hurricane damage and bombing damage quite intriguing, 
but some points are sorely being missed on this aspect. 

Hurricanes are Mother Nature's way of replanting, replenishing, 
recycling, killing, giving birth to, and fixing whatever needs to be, 
the way she sees fit, in ways that we can't even begin to 
comprehend. Although we do try so hard sometimes. That's 
science. There's nothing "emotional" about it. Bombing by humans 
can never be compared to nature's way of doing things, not under 
any circumstances, no matter how wonderful a scientist one is. 
Bombing is humans way of saying "I do this because I can." Even 
after reading the threads on this, I still cannot see the benefit of 
destroying this island, or parts of it, that is inhabited by fellow 
human beings, and diverse wildlife. What DO we know about the 
island and it's inhabitants? (ALL of them). Ever stop to think that 
the diverse plantlife we're choking and destroying could be a cure 
for some disease? When, pray tell, will we ever fight a human 
against human war such as we did 50 years ago, using this 
particular "technology"?  I fear that the next will be with sticks and
stones. (And I can't remember who said that.)

Like the age of DDT, what are we gonna do 20, 30, 40 years from 
now. Say "Whoops."?? I think we should be tired of that mentality 
by now. As a child, my mom and dad always taught me to "Look 
before you Leap". It's a policy that, as an adult, I live by.

If we learn to think further ahead to the future of our current 
endeavors, we might be able to end the battle that we've waged on 
this one and only life support system that we have.

Wendy Jo

"The library of life is on fire, and we must put it out."
~~Gro Harlem Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway

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