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Larry Byrne larry_byrne at fishgame.state.ak.us
Tue Oct 5 17:58:18 EDT 1999

I work for the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game in Kodiak, AK, in the capacity of
analyzing data collected by observers deployed on crabbing vessels in the Aleutian
Islands and Bering Sea. I am wondering about coral found in the Aleutian Islands on
the Aleutian Shelf, how best to categorize it and quantify it. At present observers
have not been instructed to record any coral in their sampling.  Coral come up on
the outside of pots that are dragged along the bottom as they are retrieved.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. There hasn't been a lot of research on coral in the Aleutians and I am only looking for a place to start understanding what is needed.

Larry Byrne
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
larry_byrne at fishgame.state.ak.us

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