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Dear Colleagues,
To Bali or Not to Bali, I think we all know that Bali 2000 is cancelled.
We have to focused on marine environment, the lessons learned from discussion
on partnership,mobilizing resources and building political will, can send
powerful positive
message to the attention of the Government.

We must not allow the failure to politicized aid that was labeled as
development assistance,or the failed project of the past,to overshadow the
success stories achieved by so many. We must join forces to roll back the tide
of doubt that threatened the world's development enterprise. If we fail,the
worst-hit victems will not be devlopment institutions, the Government or
research centers and dedicated men and women within them. The real victems will
be the natural ecosystems and the weakest in human society-
the poor, the hungry, the unemployed and the marginalized.Even more,the future
generation willnot only be deprived of themarvels of the coral reefs and the
ecosystems that support them, but will inhert polluted waters, unhealthy
air,parched fields and eroded soil.
This is just something to think about.
Save Our Seas Foundation
Ron Scipio
Clovis B. Castro wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I believe Dr. Erdmann presented some good points in his comments of the
> next ICRS "problem", although also with a strong emotional bias. By now, I
> received several replies from my initial message. Some went directly to the
> list, others did not. Emotionally speaking, the only two messages pro-Bali
> came from people working in Indonesian institutions.
> I agree that "ordinary" political issues should not prevent the selection
> of a country to host an ICRS. Also, the rotation of host countries seems to
> be a good policy. The only point I disagree is the comparison between the
> effects that bad environmental or economic policies have on people with
> direct manslaughter (by the thousands). Things may not be black and white,
> but when a plebiscite is followed by the massacre of those who won it
> (amost 80% of the votes) - this does not configure an ordinary situation.
> In the latter case, I believe there is plenty of reasons to reject a
> country as an ICRS host.
> I believe most reef scientists would realize the difference between the
> Indonesian people, its government, and extremists.
> However, the most important contribution given by Dr. Erdmann was on the
> time needed for a decision. Dr. Erdmann pointed out two coming events that
> might change a decision of turning down Bali. (arrival of the international
> peace-keeping force, which already happened; and the Indonesian
> presidential election, due next November). I would not be sure what to do
> if it depended on my decision alone. Also, I do not know the deadline for a
> decision on Bali's Symposium. Is this a case where the later is the better?
> What about postponing the symposium for a few months? We could gain much
> needed time for a sound decision.
> Best regards,
> Clovis
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