To Bali or not to Bali ,it is NOT to Bali

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Thu Oct 7 00:56:17 EDT 1999

Dear Colleagues,
To Bali or Not to Bali, I think we all know that Bali 2000 is cancelled.

We have to focused on marine environment, the lessons learned from
on partnership,mobilizing resources and building political will, can
powerful positive -message to the attention of the Government.

We must not allow the failure to politicized aid that was labeled as
development assistance,or the failed project of the past,to overshadow
success stories achieved by so many. We must join forces to roll back
the tide
of doubt that threatened the world's development enterprise. If we
worst-hit victems will not be devlopment institutions, the Government or

research centers and dedicated men and women within them. The real
victems will
be the natural ecosystems and the weakest in human society-
the poor, the hungry, the unemployed and the marginalized.Even more,the
generation willnot only be deprived of themarvels of the coral reefs and
ecosystems that support them, but will inhert polluted waters, unhealthy

air,parched fields and eroded soil.
This is just something to think about.
Save Our Seas Foundation
Ron Scipio

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