reef fish--larval duration

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Tue Oct 12 13:14:50 EDT 1999

Hi dear coral listers

I am magister science student at Universidad del Valle, Colombia (south
america). At the moment I'm working in my thesis about larval duration
and age of recruitment of two reef fishes (Fam.: Serranidae and
Grammistidae), with lecture of increment rings in yours otoliths, and I
have some articles about this organisms.
However,  I do not have  yet enough information about that, and I want
to Know if anyone Knows who or what institution can help me, please send
the information at the direction below...for your help  thanks a lot


Liz A. Serrano, B. Sc.
Magister Science Student
Universidad del Valle
Cali, Colombia
South America
Personal Address
Carrera 55 # 9-04
b/camino real
email: lizserra at, lizadriana at

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