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Wed Oct 20 10:01:30 EDT 1999


	You may want to save this message for future reference. I have
been asked this several times, so I did some research into it.  Each
editor may have special requirements, but I believe the examples below are
approximately correct.

~~ Citation of Coral-List Messages ~~

	If you would like to cite specific messages circulated on
coral-list, I believe this format is appropriate (underlines or italics
surrounded by asterisks in these examples):

Doe, J. (1998, Mar 30). Acropora: Endangered species? *NOAA's Coral Health
and Monitoring Program Listserver*.  Available:
** (Online, see entry for coral-list)

~~ Archived 

	Regarding the citation of coral bleaching archives, as best as I
can tell, from consulting several different sources for online referencing
(and seeing none exactly of this type), it would appear that this would be
a legitimate citation (italic or underline areas surrounded by asterisks):

Hendee, J. (1999). Coral-list listserver coral bleaching archives.
** Revised October 20, 1999.
Accessed October 20, 1999.  Author's email: jim.hendee at  Author's
Web Site: **

(You would of course put your own access date).  Your journal editor may
have a slight variation.

If you have any corrections to this, suggestions or other input that would
be of help to coral-list subscribers, please feel free to post a message.

	Jim Hendee

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