ISRS Elections

Richard B. Aronson raronson at
Fri Apr 7 11:15:50 EDT 2000

To: Members of the International Society for Reef Studies

From: Rich Aronson, Corresponding Secretary

Subject: Elections 2000

This memorandum is a follow-up to the announcement about ISRS elections that 
appeared in the last issue of Reef Encounter (#26, December 1999).

The ISRS will be holding elections this year, to replace outgoing 
officers and members of the ISRS Council.  We will be electing  a 
new Treasurer to replace retiring Treasurer Daphne Fautin and a new 
Recording Secretary to replace retiring Recording Secretary Steven 
Miller.  In addition, we will need to replace the 6 retiring members of 
the ISRS Council: Rolf Bak, Gregor Hodgson, Michel Pichon, Don Potts, Paul 
Sammarco and Bernard Thomassin.  The tenure of each elected postition is 4 
years, beginning January 1, 2001.  The positions are open only to 
members of ISRS.

Nominations should be sent to Rich Aronson at raronson at and 
should consist of the person's name, institution and country; the post for 
which s/he is running; and a short statement.  The statement should be one 
paragraph about the person's qualifications for the position (a brief 
history of the candidate's involvement in coral reef work) and objectives 
while in that position (how the candidate would envision working to the 
benefit of ISRS).  Also required by the Society's bylaws is a statement of 
disclosure of any financial arrangements the candidate may have with any 
publisher of scientific literature.

Self-nominations are welcome.  If you wish to nominate someone else, 
please be sure that person actually agrees to run!

DEADLINE: In order for nominations to be printed in the July 2000 issue of 
Reef Encounter, they must be sent to the Corresponding Secretary on or 
before April 26, 2000.  A ballot will be mailed to each member of ISRS in 
September.  The results of the election will be announceed at the 9th 
International Coral Reef Symposium in Bali in October.

This announcement will also appear on the ISRS web site.  If you are 
not already an ISRS member, please consider joining; information on 
membership is also on the web site:

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