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Sat Apr 8 05:08:43 EDT 2000

Dear Coral-Listers,

	Having recently completed my postgraduate diploma (bac +5) in Biology and 
the affects of human and natural activities at the Sea’s ecosystems at the 
University of Marseille (France). I Completed this formation in January 2000 
by the seminar “Coral reef Ecology and litoral tropical field ”EPHE, 
Perpignan University (France).

During the last three years, I have gained experience in working in both 
France and abroad with coral reef research centers as a scientist and as a 
diver. This has given me sound theoretical knowledge and has allowed me to 
acquire practical skills in order to preserve and survey the coral reff 

I am looking for a position in a team where I will be involved in the 
prevention of environmental damage and also to make people more aware of the 
necessity to preserve this area.

	If there is any interest in my proposal, I will very pleased to send you my 
curriculum vitae.

Many things in advance, Yours faithfully                Blandine Mélis

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