Isla de Pascua ... accompaniment, support and data sharing

Bret Raines rainesbk at
Mon Apr 10 12:24:05 EDT 2000

Dear Coral Listers,

Currently, I'm coordinating a trip to Isla de Pascua (better known as Easter
Island) from 20-30 Dec 2000.  I know that some of you have an interest in
the island, so I thought that I would send out this email.

My main interest is marine macro-invertebrates.  During my first trip to the
island in April 1998, I was successful in obtaining many species.  Some of
which were new to science.  The purpose for my next trip is to fill in some
data gaps and to collect samples from 60 to 200 meters.

Since I'm an independent researcher, I'm typically on a shoestring budget.
I'm hoping that I can rally some support in the way of finding someone who
would like to accompany me on the trip to share the costs of the rental
vehicle, boat, etc.

I am also looking for used sampling equipment such as a grab sampler,
dredge, etc.  Or may be even detailed plans for making simple one-man
devices.  In return, I would share samples and data that I collect
regardless of the Phylum.

Please contact me privately regarding the trip or support.

Thank you in advance for you consideration.

Sincerely,  Bret

Bret K. Raines
Museum Associate - Invertebrate Zoology (Malacology)
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Bret Raines
P.O. Box 612
Victorville, CA 92393 USA

rainesbk at

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