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Milen Dyoulgerov Milen.Dyoulgerov at
Mon Apr 10 16:55:08 EDT 2000

Dear all,

Some of you might recall that NOS, NOAA has been engaged for more than a
year now with promoting a better, uniform depiction of coral and MPA on
nautical charts.  Last year we asked for help with information on vessel
grounding and you gave us an outstanding response -- encouraging us to
know that you also consider the reduction of vessel damage to corral to
be an important issue.  Now we would like to ask again for you
assistance in preparation for the next round of  negotiations on the
subject with hydrographers from Europe and the Caribbean. 

This time, we  are looking for information on the enforcement and
punitive practices outside of the US in cases involving coral damage by
large ships.  Do you know whether shipping companies have call to pay
for coral reef damage and coral reef restoration in other countries? 
Are you aware of national legislation (in countries other than the US)
under which shipping interests could be hold liable for coral damage?  
We will be grateful for information from all over the world.  In
addition, we will greatly appreciate it if you can send us any relevant
information regarding countries from the Wider Caribbean Region BY THE
END OF THIS WEEK!  Please, send all responses to
mile.dyoulgerov at  and  meg.danley at

Thank you in advance for your help,
Milen Dyoulgerov

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