Coral Reef Restoration Programs / Worldwide

Don Baker dbaker at
Tue Apr 11 20:20:59 EDT 2000

Dear Coral-L,

This coming May, I will be giving a short, and hopefully informative,
talk at the Bangkok - ADEX about the status of various active coral reef
restoration projects/programs worldwide [i.e. Dr Heeger's
Cebu/Philippines/UofSan Carlos].

It would also be an excellent chance for other scientists and
institutions involved with active restoration methods to get involved as

Though short notice but those willing to give a short presentation at
ADEX, please contact Robert Houston of "Action Asia" magazine soonest.
["Robert Houston" <actionrh at>].

If you can not be directly involved, I would be glad to summarize your
work & programs in my talk.  Please email me details about your
projects. [donbakerjr at, reefprj at]

My talk so far will be about "The Reef Project" of Sabah, Malaysia but
with an "international" concept & appeal.  I hope that I can have more
programs to announce and talk about?

Don Baker

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