On job ads.

GJ Gast gjgast at dds.nl
Wed Apr 12 12:39:08 EDT 2000

The one below is a position restricted to those who have worked at least one year in US federal service. 

There have been quite a positions advertised on the coral-list that were for US citisens only. 

Please indicate such restrictions when you advertise a position on this World wide medium. That would save us,  
who the message is not meant for, the trouble of looking up the homepage (and having hopes trashed). 

Aside from this detail, I appreciate job ads passed on the list.

Thanks, GJ. 

P.s. for those looking: there a quite a few fish-biology jobs on the usajobs site.

> The job announcement for a Coral Reef Environmental Protection
> Specialist position within NOAA in Silver Spring MD, is available at the
> web address listed below. The vacancy will be open until April 28, 2000.
> If you have a questions, please call me.    Thank you, Bill Millhouser
> http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/wfjic/jobs/BQ5058.HTM
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Bill Millhouser, Pacific Regional Manager
> Coastal Programs Division, OCRM, NOAA
> N/ORM-3,  Room 11206
> 1305 East-West Hwy,
> Silver Spring, MD 20910
> Ph: 301-713-3121 X189
> Fax: 301-713-4367
> Mobile: 703-623-9909
> E-Mail: bill.millhouser at noaa.gov
> http://www.nos.noaa.gov/ocrm/czm/welcome.html

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