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Kalli De Meyer kdm at
Wed Apr 12 10:41:03 EDT 2000

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is proud to announce the 
opening of its first Branch Office on Bonaire in the Dutch 
Antilles. The office will be staffed by Kalli De Meyer, former 
Manager of the Bonaire Marine Park.  

Contact information is as follows:
The Coral Reef Alliance - Bonaire
Kaya Madrid 3A
Bonaire. Dutch Caribbean 
Tel: 599-717-3465
Email: kdemeyer at 

Kalli De Meyer is the Director of CORAL=92s new Coral Parks 
Programme the goal of which is to help and support existing 
coral protected areas and the encourage the development of 
new protected areas. De Meyer will also be working closely 
with the dive industry and divers in an educational drive 
aimed at encouraging them to actively support marine 
protected areas. Whilst the scope of the project is global the 
initial focus will be on the Western Pacific and Caribbean. 

With nine years experience running the Bonaire Marine Park 
one of De Meyer=92s first tasks will be to produce a handbook 
for protected areas managers which will support them in their 
daily work. De Meyer will also be developing packages of 
information for protected areas managers on key issues such 
as mooring installation, funding options etc.

In another innovate move CORAL will soon be launching a 
new partnership with dive operators in the form of an 
accreditation scheme. Those dive operators who meet certain 
basic criteria (such as using mooring bouys, if these are 
available and briefing their dive guests) and are minimizing 
the impact of their operation on the reef they visit will qualify 
for inclusion in the programme. Benefits will include a 
posting on CORAL=92s web site as an =93eco-friendly=94 resort, 
promotion by CORAL in their newsletter and more. Both dive 
operators and divers have voiced their strong support and 
enthusiasm for this initiative. 

Initial funding for this programme of more than $600,000 
was donated by the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, 
David and Lucille Packard Foundation and the Curtis and 
Edith Munson Foundation. The Coral Reef Alliance 
(CORAL) is one of the fastest growing non-profit marine 
conservation organizations in the world.  With assistance 
from over 10,000 supporters CORAL promotes coral reef 
conservation by working with the dive industry, 
governments, local communities and other organizations to 
protect and manage coral reefs, fund conservation efforts and 
raise public awareness.

For more information contact Kalli De Meyer: 
kdemeyer at

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