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coral-list.admin at coral-list.admin at
Thu Apr 13 07:59:06 EDT 2000

For those of you who missed it, coral-list has a daily digest and a weekly
digest.  All messages from each day are compiled into one message for
coral-list-daily, and all messages for one week are compiled into one
message for coral-list-digest.  If you would rather cut down your email
inbox to one message a day or one message a week, subscribe to one of the
digests and unsubscribe from coral-list, which has messages posted as they
are sent (usually).

You can send a subscribe and unsubscribe message in one message to
majordomo at

For subscribing to the daily digest, send these commands in the body of a
message to majordomo at,

	subscribe coral-list-daily
	unsubscribe coral-list

For the weekly digest,

	subscribe coral-list-digest
	unsubscribe coral-list

Here is a list of the current number of subscribers:

        Number    list
        ------    -----------------
          1192    coral-list
            92    coral-list-daily
           222    coral-list-digest

          1506    total

I hope you have a nice weekend.

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