Fisheries/Marine Communities and OCS Development

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Below please find information on a conference on OCS development and
fisheries/marine communities.  Please pass the announcement along to anyone
interested and post if possible.  I would invite anyone interested to submit
a paper.    Any questions please email or call.
Dave Stanley

Gulf of Mexico Fish and Fisheries:
Bringing Together New and Recent Research
October 24-26, 2000 New Orleans
Sponsored by: U.S. Dept of Interior, Minerals Management Service

Offshore energy structures are an important influence on Gulf of Mexico
fisheries. In the Gulf region a unique relationship exists between the oil
and gas industry, user groups, researchers and managers. Now numbering in
the neighbourhood of 4,000 structures, petroleum platforms play a role as
artificial reefs and also directly impact fisheries through enhancement of
productivity, as attraction devices, and as a mechanism allowing dispersal
of species across the Gulf.

It is the goal of this conference to bring together widely ranging research
topics on fisheries biology and ecology of the Gulf of Mexico with examine
the relationship between fisheries and the oil and gas industry in the Gulf
and world-wide. The proceedings from this workshop will become an important
reference for the current state of knowledge for many aspects of fisheries
and outer continental shelf development.

Presentations planned include widely ranging topics from ecology of platform
fish assemblages, to ichthyoplankton, natural and artificial reef
productivity, and pelagic fisheries, with perspectives from academia,
industry, and managers.

For a electronic version of the conference announcement please visit:

or email: dstanley at for further information

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