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With regard to the digital image concept - sounds fine.  Actually, as I 
opened the CHAMPS page the other day, the photo of the individual in the 
right hand side looked vaguely familiar.  Larry Benvenuti is my benefactor 
and the picture came from a time just after Georges when we were out 
assessing a couple of reef areas in the middle Keys.  It caught me by 
surprise.  Otherwise, happy to provide another picture sans dive gear and 
in the open air.

Thanks for your perseverance on the Coral-List

George Garrett

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I have been getting some good suggestions regarding a remake of the Online
Directory.  One thought is that the directory might have some digital
photographs of each of us in the directory.  If you have a digital picture
of yourself and wouldn't mind having it in the directory, please forward
it to lagoon at  Also, if you have any digital group
pictures of coral meetings, etc., or if you would like for us to scan
those (but not the individual pictures at this time), please also forward
them to lagoon at, or send to:

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  Jim Hendee
  Coral Health and Monitoring Program
  Ocean Chemistry Division
  Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  U.S. Department of Commerce
  4301 Rickenbacker Causeway
  Miami, FL  33149-1026

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Many thanks for your suggestions!


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