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Calendar of Events (From April 15 to May 24):

Support the Vieques struggle by attending these solidarity events that
will be held in the following areas: 

Area:                         Dates:

Austin, TX                    Abril 19
Boston, MA                    May 24
Camden, NJ                    Abril 15, April 19
Groton, CT                    April 21
Hanover, NH                   May 4
Hartford, CT                  Abril 26, May 5
Jersey City, NJ               Abril 19
New Haven, CT                 April 18
Newark, NJ                    Abril 19
New York, NY                  Abril 15, Abril 19
Philadelphia, PA              May 6
San Juan, PR                  Abril 23
Springfield, MA               Abril 19
Vieques, Puerto Rico          Abril 19, April 21, April 22
Washington, DC                April 19

************** Abril 15 ************** 
Camden, NJ 
Charla sobre Vieques

El Comité Pro-Vieques-Capítulo de Camden Nueva Jersey estará auspiciando
una charla sobre Vieques el 15 de Abril a las 3:00 PM en el 903 Norte de
la 33, Camden NJ.

This event will be taped and edited for broadcast the following Monday on
Life-Net Radio at 10:45pm on WTMR-AM 800. 
Para más información favor de llamar: (856) 966-4596 ó (856)338-1364.

************** Abril 15 **************
Manhattan, NYC, NY
Send-Off Fundraising Party - Fiesta Pro-Fondos 

Women For Peace & Justice For Vieques invites you to join us for a
Send-Off Fundraising Party (for our 19-29 trip to Vieques).
WHEN:   Saturday, April 15 @ 7 P.M.
WHERE: Charas, El Bohio Cultural & Community Center
      605 East 9th Street, Lower East Side (9th St. & Avenue B)
Music/Food/D.J. Cruz/Raffle * $10 Donation (Includes Dinner)
FOR MORE INFO: Doña Rosa (718) 409-3595 * Espi (212) 927-9065

************** April 18 **************
New Haven, CT
Video and Presentation 

A Presentation on the U.S. military activities on the island of Vieques.

1) Documentary video "The Battle for Vieques"
2) Discussion on the atrocities taking place in Vieques
3) Question and answer session

Date: April 18th, 2000
Time: 6:30pm -8:30pm
Place: Morrill Hall Room 108
Southern Connecticut State University
501 Crescent Street 
New Haven, CT 

For more information call: Hijos de Borinquén, tel: (203) 619-9996

Presented by: The Puerto Rican Cultural, Educational and Historical
Society; Hijos de Borinquen; the Puerto Rican Independence Party
e-mail: hijos at boricua.com 

*****************Abril 19 *************
Vieques, Puerto Rico
Acto Artístico y Ecuménico de Recordación de David Sanes 
19 de abril a las 8 PM

Plaza Justicia y Paz de Vieques, frente a los portones de la facilidad
naval, Campamento García

Contacto: Comité Pro Rescate y Desarrollo de Vieques
Robert Rabin - Nilda Medina bieke at coqui.net 

************** April 19 **************
Washington, DC
National Day of Solidarity with the People of Vieques

Tell Congress and the White House . . . 
"Not one more bomb in Vieques, Puerto Rico" 
"Ni un tiro más, Paz Para Vieques, Puerto Rico"
National Day of Solidarity with the People of Vieques in memory of David
Sanes Rodríguez, who was killed in Vieques as a result of a Navy F-18
aircraft dropping a 500 pound bomb on April 19, 1999.
* Wednesday, April 19th, 2000 * In front of the White House *
Washington, DC * 12 noon
* Contact: David Santiago: 202-223-3915 ext. 308


************** Abril 19 **************
Camden, NJ 
Pa' Washington

El Comité Pro-Vieques-Capítulo de Camden Nueva Jersey proveerá
transportación para asistir a las actividades de solidaridad que se
llevarán acabo en Washington en conmemoración del primer aniversario de la
muerte de David Sanés. 

"While in Washington, the Committee will be taping the event for a
jam-packed 10-minutes on Life-Net Radio, Monday, April 24, at 10:45pm on
WTMR-AM 800 (see also http://go.to/lifenet)."
Punto de Partida: Calles 6 y State, Camden NJ
Hora: 7:00 a.m. 

************** Abril 19 **************
New York City, NY 
Pa' Washington

Todo Nueva York con Vieques and the Vieques Solidarity Network ask you to
Wednesday, April 19, 2000
Noon - In front of The White House

Three buses will be departing NYC at 6AM:
1. 116th and Lexington in Manhattan
2. 149th Street and Grand Concourse in the Bronx
3. Graham Street and Broadway in Brooklyn
Further information? Call Todo Nueva York con Vieques at 212-631-4620 or
email Melimar at aol.com to RSVP for a bus seat. Seating will be on a first
come first serve basis.

************** Abril 19 **************
Jersey City, NJ 
Pa' Washington

Jersey City-buses will leave at 6 AM from the corner of C. Columbus Dr.
and Grove St. (near Grove St. PATH Station). For a seat, call 201-876-0430
or 201-792-7609. E-mail: vetsconvieques at aol.com & vieques2000 at hotmail.com 

************** Abril 19 **************
Newark, NJ 
Pa' Washington

Newark-buses will leave at 6 AM from St. Michael's Church on Broadway
between 4th Ave. and Crittiden St. To reserve a seat, call 973-312-5588

**************April 19 **************
Springfield, MA
Demo in Support of Vieques

Demonstration in support of Human Rights & Peace in Vieques
Wednesday, April 19
Join residents from Springfield who were born, lived or have family in
Vieques for a:
·   vigil in front of the Federal Government Building, 1550 Main St. 4:00
·   walk through Main St. (North) to Harriet St., 5:15 P.M., and 
·   prayer service for peace and justice in Vieques at the Blessed Sacrament
Church, 35 Harriet St., 6:00 P.M. 
Coordinated by All of Springfield with Vieques Committee.
For more information call Sandra Zenón 413-736-7323 
or Idalí Torres 413-746-4338

************** Abril 19 **************
Austin, TX
Press Conference & Artistic Action 

Austin, Texas - Wed. April 19th- 11:45 a.m. - Federal Building 300 E. 8th
Press Conference and Artistic Action Called by Puerto Rican
vocalist-composer Lourdes Perez and Sancocho Boricua host Corrie Sublett
Berrios. Statements from invited speakers; questions and answers; mobile
phone blitz. Free arroz con gandules, recorded testimonies from Vieques
with English translation, music and exhibit. 

Confirmed speakers include:
Lourdes Pérez, Vocalist/composer
Corrie Sublett-Berrios, Radio producer
Linda Irizarry Crockett, Visual artist
Dr. Lisa Sanchez, Asst. Professor, UT Dept. of English
Marta Cotera, Chicana scholar, writer and community activist
Sid Hall, Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church
raulrsalinas, Elder, poet and owner of Resistencia Bookstore
Annette D'Armata, Director of Encanto Productions

More info, contact: Annette D'Armata at 442-5986 or Lourdes Perez at:
lourdesperez at yahoo.com

************** April 19 **************
New York, NY
Protest at the Intrepid 

One year later and Puerto Rico continues the fight to get the U.S. NAVY
Protest at the U.S.S. Intrepid
West 47th Street and the West Side Highway
DATE: APRIL 19th TIME: 3:30 P.M.
Contact: (718) 601-4751 - (212) 330-8258 
e-mail: PIPNY1 at aol.com

************** April 20 **************
Boston, MA
Vieques Resolution

Boston, Massachusetts Thursday April 20, 2000 State Senators Dianne
Wilkerson and Stanley Rosenberg from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
will present a resolution in favor of the immediate withdrawal of the Navy
from Vieques. Massachusetts residents are urged to call their state
representatives and senators to demonstrate support for this resolution,
or write to them at State House, Boston, MA 02133.  

For more information call:
Senator Stan Rosenberg tel 617- 722-1532 or 
email: Sen.StanRosenberg at senate.state.ma.us 
Senator Dianne Wilkerson tel. 617-722-1673 or 
e-mail: DWilkers at senate.state.ma.us

************** Abril 21 **************
Vieques, Puerto Rico
Acto de Desobediencia Civil

Acto de desobediencia civil - colocación de una segunda gran cruz en la
zona de bombardeo en reconocimiento del primer año de lucha y el
establecimiento del primer campamento de desobediencia civil, Monte David
Contacto: Comité Pro Rescate y Desarrollo de Vieques
Robert Rabin - Nilda Medina bieke at coqui.net

**************  April 21 **************
Groton, CT
Stations of the Cross - Estaciones de la Cruz 

 On Good Friday, April 21, the Stations of the Cross at the U.S. Navy
Subbase, Groton, CT, marking the suffering of our world, and the hope for
God's peace. Meet at 10 a.m. at the Main Gate (opposite the Nautilus

For further information contact the Hartford Catholic Worker at
860-724-7066 or cdoucot at erols.com 
* * *
El Viernes Santo, abril 21, siga las Estaciones de la Cruz en la base
naval submarina en Groton, CT, recordando el sufrimiento de nuestro mundo
y la esperenza por la Paz de Dios. Llegue a las 10 a.m. a la entrada
principal (opuesta al Museo del Nautilus).

Para más información llame al Trabajador Católico de Hartford al
860-724-7066 o cdoucot at erols.com

************** Abril 22 **************
Vieques, Puerto Rico
Gran Vigilia de Celebración 

 22 de abril a las 8PM
En la Plaza Justicia y Paz ( Frente a los portones de Campamento García)
Gran Vigilia de Celebración de Un Año de Paz sin Bombardeo        

Contacto: Comité Pro Rescate y Desarrollo de Vieques
Robert Rabin - Nilda Medina bieke at coqui.net

************** 23 de Abril **************
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Toda la Familia con Vieques 

Fecha: Domingo de Pascua, 23 de abril del 2000
Hora: De 11:00 de la mañana a 6:00 de la tarde |
Lugar: Estadio Hiram Bithorn  

En solidaridad con nuestros hermanos de Vieques ¡MUSICA! Roy Brown Ismael
Miranda Andy Montañez Michael Stuart Cultura Profética Tepeu entre otros
generosos artistas que brindan su arte por Vieques ¡LOS NIÑOS SE
DIVERTIRAN! ...con el Payaso Remi, El Juglar, Sandra Zaiter y muchos más.
¡TALLERES DE ARTISTAS! Nelson Sambolín Tere Marichal Carmelo Sobrino
Rafael Rivera Rosa y otros artistas estarán disponibles para jóvenes y
 Entrada: $3.00 adultos / $1.00 niños 


************** Abril 26 **************
Hartford, CT
Vigilia Ecúmenica 

Todo Connecticut con Vieques celebrará una vigilia ecuménica y una
procesión el 26 de abril, en conmemoración de los 365 dias de paz en
Vieques y en recordación de la trágica muerte de David Sanes Rodriguez. 
La actividad contará con la participación de varios coros de
organizaciones religiosas. Los participantes desfilarán con velas por las
calles de Hartford y orarán para que cesen todas las maniobras bélicas en
El punto de partida de esta vigilia y procesión será a las 7:30 P.M.en el
Parque Bushnell (Bushnell Park) debajo del monumento conocido como el
Memorial Arch. Despues de algunas oraciones y palabras de lideres
religiosos, una procesión saldrá del Bushnell Park para hacer un recorrido
por las calles principales de la ciudad de Hartford.


************** May 4 **************
Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
Serie de Conciertos Grito de Vieques 

La Serie de Conciertos Grito de Vieques, una jira de Andrés Jimenez, el
Jíbaro, tiene como propósito la creación del Fondo Vieques Libre, el cual
será utilizado exclusivamente para fiar a toda persona que sea arrestada
con relación a la lucha viequense. 

CONTACT PERSON: Héctor Rosario
E-MAIL: <vieques at dartmouth.edu>
PHONE: (603) 653-0027

************** May 5 **************
Hartford, CT
Serie de Conciertos Grito de Vieques 

El concierto Grito de Vieques se llevara a cabo en el Auditorio de la
escuela Superior Bulkeley de Hartford.
E-MAIL: <gog62 at webtv.net>
PHONE: 860-956-1509

************** May 6 **************
Philadelphia, PA
Serie de Conciertos Grito de Vieques 

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