Coral Reef Maps of the World

Jim Hendee hendee at
Tue Apr 18 13:53:54 EDT 2000

Greetings, Coral-Listers!

	I am happy to announce a resource that I think most of you can
use.  Thanks to the cooperation of Dr. Sue Wells, UNEP/IUCN, and our
WebMeister Monika Gurnee (gurnee at, we how have a page of
maps to the main coral reef areas of the world.  Please be advised that
these maps were published in 1988 and therefore doubtless could use some
updating.  Also, there are many researchers within NOAA striving to
conduct extensive mappings of other coral reef areas.  Still, I think you
will agree that this is a good resource for you.  The URL is


	Jim Hendee
	Coral Health and Monitoring Program
	Miami, Florida

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