Coral trade statistics

JS jsprouse at
Mon Apr 24 03:00:32 EDT 2000


My name is James Sprouse. I am an International Degree student at Oregon
State University.  To complete my degree, I am writing a thesis on Human
Impacts on Indo-Pacific coral reefs.  I am looking for trade statistic in
regards to international and local trade of coral and shells.  I looked at
the CITES website, but did not find anything.  I would like to get
import/export stats for USA, Japan, Phillipines, etc.  I'm looking for stats
from about 1960's to 2000. I figure that there should be some government
department or organization which keeps somewhat accurate records on at least
the US side, but I don't know where to look.  Where should I look? Also does
anyone know where to obtain tourism stats in the region?  I want to look at
the relationship between tourism and related problems with scuba diving and
coral trade. Any help and suggestions would be great.  Thank you for any


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