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11 to 15 October 2000, St. Pete Beach, FL, Sirata Beach Resort

The American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) is a non-profit
organization dedicated to establishing and maintaining standards of safe
practice for scientific diving. The annual symposium is a platform for
exchanging information, formal presentations on diving research,
technology, safety, and techniques employed to advance underwater science.  
The symposium will feature workshops, oral presentations, exhibits,
training programs, and optional tours.

Conference Hosts:
Florida Marine Research Institute
The University of South Florida
The United States Geological Survey
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Florida Institute of Oceanography
Florida Sea Grant

Correspondence and inquiries should be directed to the organizing committee:
Co-chairmen:  William Dent-USF and Walt Jaap-FMRI
	William Dent, Diving Safety Officer, University of
	South Florida, 4202 E> Fowler Ave., PED 214
	Tampa, FL  33620. wdent at research..usf.edu; 813-974-5018;
	fax: 974-4979.

Walt Jaap, Diving Safety Officer, Florida Marine Research Institute, 100
8th Ave. SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5095 walt.jaap at fwc.state.fl.us;
727-896-8626; fax: 893-1270.

Technical Program:  Pam Muller-USF
	Dept. of Marine Science, University of South Florida
140 7th Ave South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, pmuller at marine.usf.edu;727-553-
Conference venue coordinator:  Jennifer Wheaton-FMRI Florida
Marine Research Institute, 100 8th Ave. SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5095; jennifer.wheaton at fwc.state.fl.us; 727-896-8626, ext. 1125; fax: 893-1270.

Workshop coordinator: William Dent 
Diving Safety Officer, University of
	South Florida, 4202 E> Fowler Ave., PED 214
	Tampa, FL  33620. wdent at research..usf.edu. 813-974-5018;
 fax: 974-4979

Poster presentation coordinator:  Jim Garey, Dept. of 
Biology, University of South Florida,  4202 E. Fowler, Ave. Tampa, FL 33620.

Photo Exhibit coordinator:  Dan Marelli Florida Marine Research Institute,
100 8th Ave. SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5095;
dan.marelli at fwc.state.fl.us; 727-896-8626, ext. 1125; fax: 893-1270.

Publications Editor:  Llyn French- Florida Marine Research Institute, 100
8th Ave. SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5095; Llyn.french at fwc.state.fl.us;
727-896-8626, ext. 1125; fax: 893-1270.  The hotel conference center has a
web page.  You can browse the information at www.sirata.com.  All events
will take place at the Sirata Beach Hotel unless noted otherwise.  These
data will be on the AAUS website:  www.aaus.org.  When booking
reservations, be sure to identify yourself with the conference.


Workshops will be before or following the meeting.  Workshop offerings
depend on a reasonable subscription to defray the expense.  Deadline for
the decision about going forward with the workshop will be 30 August.

Tentative workshop offerings
1. Three day introduction to rebreather systems -(Tampa, USF campus)
2. DAN Remote oxygen resuscitator rebreather system
3. Scubapro regulator technical service and repair training, two day, FMRI at Bayboro Harbor in St. Petersburg.
4. Light and motion underwater video techniques
5. PSI high pressure cylinder inspection course
6. Southern Nikonos field repair and service of Nikonos cameras
7. High pressure air compressor and filling systems
8. High pressure oxygen safety class

Special tours and trips
The trips are dependent upon subscription.  The local museum trips will be for family and friends during conference technical sessions.

1. St. Pete Museums: Dali, Holocaust, Fine Arts, Historical
2. Busch Gardens and Museum of Science and Industry-Tampa
3. Kayak adventure nature tour to Anclote Key off Tarpon Springs
4. Eastern Gulf dive trip
5. Florida Keys dive trip
6. Belize dive Trip
7. Cayman Island Dive Trip

Poster Presentations

Poster sessions and exhibits will not conflict with the oral
presentations.  The posters will be judged by an independent panel and the
student(s) poster with the best presentation (content and presentation)
will receive an award.

Underwater Photo Exhibit

An underwater photo exhibit will be held on site.  Photos in various
formats are eligible.  You must be an AAUS member to enter the contest.  
Prizes will be awarded based on the decision of a panel of independent
judges.  Rules and standards will be available soon.  Dan Marelli, is the

Commercial Exhibits Commercial companies are encouraged to display and
market merchandise and services.  Details regarding space and costs can be
obtained from Jennifer Wheaton.

Tentative Technical Program
The proposed sessions include the following focus:
1. Benthic ecology- coral reefs, seagrass, kelp beds, sedimentary habitats
2. Blue-water diving- science and techniques
3. Diving Technology- advanced modes
4. Fish and Fisheries
5. Geological research
6. Science diving and interacting with the news media
7. Sustainable Seas Expeditions- submersible applications 


October 12 (Thursday)
	8:30 to 12:00:  Diving Safety Officer Meeting
	1:30 to 4:30: Organizational Member Meeting
	7:00 to 9:00: Ice Breaker Reception
October 13 (Friday)
	8:30 to 12:00: Opening Addresses & Technical Sessions
	12:00 to 1:30: Lunch
	1:30 to 5:00: Technical Sessions	
	8:00 to 10:00PM: Reception at the Tampa Aquarium
October 14 (Saturday)
	9:00: Plenary address
	10:00 to 12:00:  Technical Sessions
	12:00 to 1:30: Lunch
	1:30 to 5:00:  Technical Sessions 
	7:00 to 10:00:  Reception-Banquet 
 October 15 (Sunday)
	9:00:  Breakfast
	10:00: Address
	11:00:  Annual members meeting
	1:00 to 3:00  Board of Directors Meeting
	1:00 til  ? workshops and field trips

Critical dates:

Submission of the expanded abstracts and intent to submit a poster:  30 June.
Work shop and fieldtrip Subscription: 30 August
Photo submission notification:  30 August

Instruction for submission of papers-expanded abstracts.

Format:  Text, figures, tables, and references must not exceed three 8.5
by 11 inch pages using Times-New Roman 10 point type. Text area will be
bordered by one-inch top, bottom, and side margins.

Author(s) name, institution, postal address, and email address will follow
the title.

Text will comply with normal rules for abbreviation and scientific
notation.  A blank line will separate paragraphs.  Literature citations
will follow AIBS guidelines.  Examples:  According to Jones (1876), water
is wet; however, some workers dispute this claim (Dunce 1902, Hogwash,
1907, and Klutz et al. 1966).  Literature references will be listed
alphabetically, then chronologically.  Do not use tabs or hanging

Do not imbed photos or graphics in the text.  Supply separate tif, jpg, or
bmp files and a hard copy.  Indicate in the text margin (hard copy) the
approximate location of the figure or photo.

Submit your paper to Pam Muller:  pmuller at marine.usf.edu, hard copy with
disk to the address listed earlier.


Before 1 September 2000:
AAUS Member:		$200.00
Non Member:			$225.00
Student:			$50

After 1 September 2000:
AAUS Member:		$225.00
Non Member:			$250.00
Student:			$55

Diving Safety Officer Meeting:  $20.

Special airfare opportunities:

Continental Airlines is offering AAUS members special package airfares for
the meeting.  The discounts apply to all routes and travel times.  To find
out about AAUS discount travel contact Bayfront Travel:  
bayfronttravel at compuserve.com or call Fabienne at 800-940-5544.

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