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Mark and Arnaz Erdmann flotsam at manado.wasantara.net.id
Thu Apr 27 10:30:46 EDT 2000

Dear Colleagues,
This message is intended as a brief update on the 9ICRS scientific field trip
schedule. Interested participants can now view detailed information on this
field trip schedule through the 9ICRS website:
<http://www.nova.edu/ocean/9icrs>. An on-line order form is provided to
directly make bookings or enquire about specific trips. This can also be done
by directly contacting Ms. Tara Schoedinger at Asia Transpacific Journeys:
<tara at southeastasia.com>.  Total scientific field trip participation is
to 137 people on the 10 trips, so interested participants should make their
bookings soon. These liveaboard dive trips showcase some of the best of
Indonesia's incredibly diverse reefs, and with the added attraction of
locally-experienced trip leaders should provide an unparalleled opportunity to
explore some of the least-studied reefs on earth.

Selamat jalan!
Mark and Arnaz Erdmann 
Mark V. Erdmann, PhD
Marine Protected Areas Advisor
NRM/EPIQ North Sulawesi Program

PO BOX 1020
Manado, Sulawesi Utara 95010
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