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Jim Hendee hendee at
Thu Apr 27 11:05:37 EDT 2000

Dear Coral-Listers,

	I guess I've gotten a little impatient sometimes with subscribers,
and I want to herewith apologize to Juan for publicly embarassing him.
That day was not a good day for me (in fact, totally rotten), and though
that doesn't excuse me, it might help to explain my actions.

	I hope the intention, purpose and function of coral-list is plain
to all.  If not, please re-read the Welcome Message, which I recently

	I hope you all have a nice day.


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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 07:52:07 PDT
From: Juan Torres <jltorres38 at>
To: hendee at
Subject: Re: your mail

Dear Dr. Hendee:
It has been very difficult to me trying to find an epoxy that hardens fast 
so that I can cement ramose coral colonies to cement plates in aquariums 
here in Puerto Rico. That was the main reason I posted the message on the 
coral-list. So I have look at it very extensively. I'm just a Ph.D. student 
who is trying very hard to get these products to conduct the thesis 
research, but so far I have not had any luck with them. I have already tried 
with some cements, but none of them seem to work so far, including 
cyanoacrylate, which was one of the suggested ones.
In fact, posting the message on the list served not only to me, but other 
scientists that work with coral reef restoration. Some of them have sent me 
private messages asking me to foward them any information I may found 
through the listers. So I am not the only one looking for such kind of info.
I believe that one of the objectives of having a coral-list is to help us 
all find the tools we need to do our jobs. In fact, I am not the first one 
(and certainly won't be the last one) that posted a message on the list with 
a hope that someone who may have worked with a similar theme could be kind 
enough of sharing it with me and with the rest of the scientific community.
I find the fact sarcasm of "take the chance to look at it" (as if I would 
not be doing my job) denigrating. Nevertheless, no offense was taken and I 
will follow the suggestion of looking at the NOAA site.

Juan L. Torres, MS
Univ. of PR, Dept. of Marine Sciences

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>Subject: Re: your mail
>Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 07:43:30 -0400 (EDT)
>Why don't you take "the chance to look at it" by going to the archives at
>, scan down to Archives, click on Coral-List
>Discussions, click on coral-list 2000 messages, and use your "Edit"
>function on your browser to look up the word "epoxy" and read the answer.
>It took me all of less than one minute.
>	Jim
>On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, Juan Torres wrote:
> > Hi to all coral listers,
> > I would like to know about the epoxies available in the market that can 
> > used to cement corals to hard substrates like cement plates or any other
> > substrate and if they can be acquired through the internet.
> > Even though I have been told that this kind of information was discussed 
> > the list some months ago, I did not have the chance to look at it. I 
> > appreciate it very much if any of you can foward it to me.
> > Thanks,
> > Juan L. Torres, MS
> > Bio-optical Oceanography Lab.
> > Dept. of Marine Sciences
> > University of Puerto Rico
> > jltorres at
> >

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