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I've been following this thread with great interest. I'm particularly 
interested to find out more about positive examples of what Doug is talking 
about: Individuals or groups "farming" reef organisms--fish, corals, 
etc.--for the home aquaria trade. (My understanding is that the giant clams 
Doug mentions aren't destined for aquaria, but for human consumption. Is 
that correct?)

For my own particular research needs, I'm interested only in examples in 
Fiji, Tahiti or Moorea, or Rangiroa, but I think others on the list would 
probably like to hear from those involved in such worthwhile work in other 


From: Doug Fenner <d.fenner at aims.gov.au> Fri, 01 Dec 2000 09:53:05
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    My own guess is that taking things from the wild is a form of mining a
natural resource, and leads to the "tragedy of the commons", a sort of gold
rush were if you don't get it first, others will get all the good stuff,
since no one owns it.  The above examples fit this, and they are the rule
not the exception.  The exception is where someone owns the resource, and
has to protect and grow it to have a crop to harvest and sell, as in
mariculture.  Giant clam farms would be an example, but presently there are
few others.  So a coral farm could lead to locals valuing and protecting
the farm area (reef or not), but collecting from the reef will most likely
only lead to a culture of grabbing as much as fast as possible, regardless
of consequences.  So maybe it all depends on how its done.

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