Recommendation of global coral bleaching

Don McAllister mcall at
Fri Feb 4 14:45:35 EST 2000

When I left the SBSTTA (advisory group for the Biodiversity Convention
Conference of Parties) was finalizing a recomendation to the Convention
members that indicated the evidence for climate warming and higher sea
surface temperatures were strongly linked to widespread coral bleaching
and mortality. While initial draft of the doucment did recommend more
research, Sechelles and other small island developing countries back by a
few developed ones, were stating that the evidence was strong enough, that
more studies were not needed and that action had to be taken. Probably the
final version will include a recommendation that the secretariat of the
convention communicate these concerns to the Framework Convention on
Climate Change.

Most parties commented on the well-written and careful documentation of
the coral bleaching paper provided by the secretariat.

Coincidentally I see a newspaper article that Canadian pulp, paper and
timber operations are expected to spews equivalent of 23.1 million tonnes
of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 2010, 22% higher than permitted
under Canada's (modest) commitment under the Kyoto agreement, and in
another article that Paul Martin,Minister of Finance is considering only
modest financial support for greenhouse mission cutbacks.

Those concerned about lack of northern government (chief emitters) actions
on reducing, may wish to communicate their concerns to their governments.

Don McAllister
Ocean Voice International

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