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			I'm just going through some of my older e-mails
(vacation in January/February), and I didn't see a public response to your
query.  If you haven't found a source as yet, you may want to try -
they claim to be able to ship the book in 4-6 weeks, and my experience is they
usually do.  Here's the URL:

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					Hi coral listers,

					Sorry to trouble everyone on this minor
issue. I remember someone mentioning
					a book by John Clarke (?) called Coastal
Seas (?). Unfortunately, I have
					since deleted that email. Is it in print
yet? And where may I get a copy?

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					Subject: Is 1998 Elnino is the only
culprit of mass mortality?

					Dear Coral lister,

					First of all wish you happy new year!

					Do you think that only 1998 Elino
phenomena is only responsible for coral
					mortality or the degradation is natural
process as part of ecosystem
					in that period. In Andaman Islands,
during 1998 Elnino event, it is reported
					that the mass mortality was 60-90%.
Since I am working in this islands from
					past two year especially in M. G. Marine
National Park and even I was
					in the field during elnino event
					I haven't noticed any mass mortality in
same period. My LIT data and
					studies (Daorairaj et al 1997, Arthuer
1996) shows that, since 1990 live
					is decreasing gradually at the rate of
3-5 % per year. And I don't see at
					present rise in surface temperature as
culprit of coral mortality in Andaman
					islands. I beleive that cumulitive
effect of sedimentation, storms, decrease
					in salinity in monsoon and may be rise
in sea surface temperature can be the
					reason of coral mortality in these
					However by making public statement it
can divert attention from real cause
					coral reef degradation and it also
affect the other researchers who are
					working on long term project on coral
reef assessment and trying to find out
					what is the extent of various causes on

					Lets have discussion on the pinpointing
the cause of coral mortality.

					I will be very happy if I get feed back
on above topic.



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