What passes through coral-list

coral-list admin jch at aoml.noaa.gov
Fri Feb 11 08:04:06 EST 2000

Ladies & Gentlemen,

	This is just a reminder as to what can successfully be posted to
coral-list.  Messages that don't go through come to me as owner-coral-list
and I make a decision as to whether a message goes through or not.  If you
post things correctly, and you are a subscriber, I have no say--they go
through without my intervention (i.e., the list is not moderated).
Unfortunately, trash mail or mail unrelated in any way whatsoever to coral
research sometimes tries to get through and I kill it, with glee.

What won't go through:

a)  Messages of greater than 40,000 characters.  If you try to attach an
image, every one of those bytes will count as a character.  If you want to
refer to a big document or images, you can cite a URL and place a link to
that site in your message.  If you can't get your message across in that
many characters, please point to a more complete source on the Web or FTP.  
This is because the listserver software would bog down if big files were
sent to all 1,426 of you, several times a day--at least for this ancient
machine.  Also, there are other lists operating on this machine.

b)  Messages from non-subscribers, or subscribers who are trying to post
from a different email address.  Sometimes your email gets changed by your
System Administrator without your knowledge.  Sorry about that.  Majordomo
is pretty robust, but not clairvoyant.

c)  Messages from fake email accounts.

Sorry for this background noise, but I hope this helps you.

	Jim Hendee
	coral-list administrator

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