Trade in corals.

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> Does anyone on the coral list *know* what rules, laws, or regulations
> apply to importation of coral (including soft corals) into the United
> States, whether for personal or commercial use?  If the rules could be
> expressed in a few hundred words (a few dozen would be better), I am
> sure the List would be interested. Dive safe, John*

Dear John and List,
The Convention on InternationalTrade in Endangered Species (CITES) regulates
corals as well as other species, and the US has ratified this convention
even if it has not got around to doing so for the Biodiversity Convention.

You can find out about CITES at:

The web site gives the wording of the Convention.  If you press buttons from
Protected Species, then Appendices I, II, II and then Fauna and Flora, you
will be able to see what species or larger groups are listed.

Coral groups as follows are listed: Coenothecalia, Tubporidae, Antipatharia,
Scleractinia, Milleporidae, Stylasteridae.  They chose to include large
groups instead of listing hundreds of species for the reason you already
mentioned - how could a customs officer identify them?  But that means
species not endangered are also lumped in with others that are.
Antipatharia includes the black corals used for jewellery, the Scleractinia
includes the reef-building as well as non-reef building corals.

If you push the right buttons you can identify the national authorities -->
U --> United States of America which, in part, gives the info cut and pasted

Don McAllister

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