Another Accident...

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Wed Feb 16 20:04:05 EST 2000

    On February 13th the cruisser boat "Carousel Nassau"of Liberian
flag,while sailing off Calica,in the main land across the channel from
Cozumel island, hit the bottom  and one of its propellers perforated one of
its fel tanks releasing an undetermined amount of this fuel (Some sources
mention 50 tons)in the area that is part of the great Mesoamerican reef
system...Acording to the authorities this accident don't affected the area
at all, but anyway the ownews will be fined...How many of you believe the
area will no be afected by this accident?,Saludos and best wishes,

                                             Jose M. Castello

                                             P. O. Box 402
                                             Cozumel, Q. Roo, Mexico 77600
                                             Phone (987)2-37-07

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