SSTs on the Rise - W. Australia

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Bleaching off W. Australia? -- HotSpots intensify

SSTs off Western Australia continue to move dramatically upward off
western coastline of Australia and have moved into the vicinity of Ningaloo:

The overview of Tropical Bleaching HotSpots can be viewed at:

This is the time (late summer) when temperature levels are the highest of the
Now it is seen that SSTs have exceed the normal maximum summertime values
by more than 1 degC -- hence "HotSpots" are depicted and bleaching is likely to
be occurring under these warm surface conditions.

Our new experimental charts that attempt to accumulate thermal stress over coral
reefs can be found at:

Scientists/reef experts are encouraged to fill out our feedback forms provided at
this NOAA WebSite to help us with this development and monitoring work

Another region of SST increase and associated HotSpots, we are watching,
continues around much of Papua New Guinea.

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